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unable to parse gx:LatLonQuad data from KML file

Sep 16, 2013 at 5:22 PM

I am trying to parse a KML file that contains, among other things, a GroundOverlay tag with the following coordinates:


When I try and use the following code to parse out the Coordinates values from the LatLonQuad tag, the query returns zero results.

KmzFile kmz = KmzFile.Open("sample.kmz");
KmlFile file = KmlFile.LoadFromKmz(kmz);
foreach (var thing in file.Root.Flatten().OfType<LatLonQuad>())

Looking at the SharpKml.Dom.GroundOverlay class, I don't see any support for the SharpKml.Dom.Gx.LatLonQuad class.

Can anyone help me understand how to parse out the gx:LatLonQuad coordinates from my KML file? Thanks in advance for your assistance.