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Parsing ExtendedData using arbitrary xmlns prefix

Jan 20, 2014 at 4:03 PM
New to kml parsing and am trying to extract and update the ExtendedData from the following kml snippet:

const string Xml =
   "<kml xmlns=''>" +
       "<Placemark>" +
           "<name>user name</name>" +
           "<ExtendedData xmlns:radio=''>" +
                "<radio:evt ts=\"Permanent\">" +
                    "<radio:itm k=\"QTH\" v=\"Hometown, USA\" />" +
                    "<radio:itm k=\"Locator\" v=\"xx66yy\" />" +
                    "<radio:itm k=\"Antenna\" v=\"Comet GP-6\" />" +
                    "<radio:itm k=\"Name\" v=\"John Doe\" />" +
                "</radio:evt>" +
            "</ExtendedData>" +
       "</Placemark>" +
I wrap the legacy version: KmlFile file = ParseLegacyFile(Xml);

Now, I am not sure how to parse and update the data.