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Extracted Does NOT Build under VS Express 15

Nov 26, 2015 at 3:51 PM
As the subject line implies, I extracted and, under VS Express 15, I opened its SharpKML.sln and tried to build its solution and five projects. Four projects succeeded: 1) Examples, 2) UnitTests, 3) SharpKml.Kmz and 4) SharpKml.

Painfully, the fifth SharpKml.Core project failed. Its csproj file contained a Portable Class Library Type (ProjectGuid 786C830F-07A1-408B-BD7F-6EE04809D6DB) which appears to have worked up through VS 2013. But its Portable Class Library Type appears worthless under my VS Express 2015.

From the site, I tried running its “PortableLibraryTools.exe /buildmachine”, but it too failed. Furthermore, as work-arounds under Express 2015, I
  1. tried to delete the old csproj and then build a brand new SharpKml.Core project against all its numerous former sources
  2. Tried to create a “SharpKml with Dlls solution” by removing the (apparent) SharpKml sources and then referencing their Dlls instead.
    Both were dismal failures; numerous wrong folders and errrors.
I even tried posting at at but there are no replies yet.

On one hand, from 3 days of trying my own fixes, I have a number of suggestions. On the other hand, I must expect that you’re very busy. It may take weeks to hear from you, or not at all. Please consider phoning me. I am retired living in western Massachusetts: (413)786-0606.

At minimum, can you please scope why SharpKml.Core’s Portable Class Library Type fails under VS Express 2015?? If it can be fixed, then please issue a new, fixed download.

Beyond that, to better meet my mid-level skill, can you add such improvements/explanations as:
• What is the Data folder and what can I expect?
• Unless your Program class is far better, why not build your download from a console program project?
• Might you offer two flavors of SharpKml? One with all sources? And, one with the Examples and UnitTests built around a .Net Framework 4.5 SharpKml Dll? Can one safely be installed in the GAC?
• What is the Nunit.Framework Assembly? 31 files use it. Enlighten me. At my skill level, Nunit should not belong under a Console Program project.
• Might you share your favorite known example-source websites/books/tutorials, offering the best understanding (to your knowledge) of how to mix Bing maps, location and direction searches, Kml, photo overlays and Gpx tracks?

Looking at, yes, the Internet is teeming with numerous programmers and problems like mine. You must have a huge demand. Nonetheless, much can be said for a better working SharpKml. At least 2-3 books are filled with nothing but Kml files which, with SharpKml, would be a joy to analyze. From searches, there are more Gpx samples than Kml ones; thus, SharpKml would be perfect. With Google Earth Api’s deprecation, right now is a wonderful time for SharpKml and Bing Maps to assert themselves. And more…

Dave Owens
Feeding Hills, Massachusetts
Dec 4, 2015 at 10:20 PM
First of all, thanks for trying out the library, sorry that you're having problems using it.

Second of sorry about the late reply, I didn't get an email notification about the new post.

The easiest way to use the library is to use the NuGet package (I've updated the home page now to state this) which is available here or by using the "Manage NuGet Packages..." right click menu option on the references in Visual Studio for your project.

As for compiling the source, I've not tried the Express version, however, it compiles fine with Visual Studio Community 2015, which is also free to download from Microsoft.

Unfortunately I don't know of any books to recommend, however, the documentation by Google does have a few useful scenarios of Kml here.

Hope that helps,