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Example for adding images to Placemark

Jul 20 at 10:31 AM
Hello all, and many thanks for the api.
Is it possible to add images to placemark like in this example?:

<Snippet>Photo 1</Snippet>  
    <img src='file:///c:\temp\IMG_5523.jpg' width='400' /><br/&gt;  
        Photo taken from near the palace in Monaco<br/>  

I need to add by code hundreds of images to points.

Thanks in advance
Jul 24 at 7:16 AM
Hello, I think I can solve it in this way:

Description descr = new Description();
descr.Text= "<![CDATA[<img src=\"divisiones.png\">]]>";

And then assign the description to the placemark:

placemark.Description = descr;

Thanks anyway!!!